Instagram Launches the ‘Close Friends’ List for More Selective Stories Sharing

BY Evan Selleck

Published 30 Nov 2018

Instagram launches the Close Friends list

If you have wanted to make a separate friends list on Instagram to help make sharing Stories even easier, the wait is over.

Instagram on Friday officially announced what it calls “Close Friends”. This is a separate friends list than the standard one available on the platform. Instagram users will be able to select a smaller group to share to, which can make sharing more personal Stories a lot easier. There is a new “Close Friends” option within the profile page. Once you select that you’ll be able to add people to your new, more personal list.

“Starting today, you can make a close friends list on Stories and share with just the people you’ve added. Instagram Stories has become the place to express yourself and share everyday moments, but our community has grown and sometimes what you want to share isn’t for everyone. With Close Friends, you have the flexibility to share more personal moments with a smaller group that you choose.”

The Close Friends list is not viewable by anyone else, and people can’t just request to be added to it, either. Now, when you share Stories you’ll have the option to share it out wide, or select your Close Friends list to reduce the number of eyeballs that will see it. If you start seeing a green badge when you’re viewing someone else’s Stories, that means you’ve been added to their Close Friends list.

Instagram says the new Close Friends list is rolling out globally beginning today, both for iOS and Android users. Make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of the app installed on your phone if you want to try it out. A link to download and install the app from the App Store is available below.


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