iPhone Hacker shows Video Recording is possible on the iPhone

BY Jason

Published 14 Dec 2007

There are a few features missing from iPhone’s rich feature list such as 3G, GPS, video recording etc. Though we expect some features to be unlocked with future firmware releases in case of features like 3G, video recording, GPS we had accepted the fact that it will be available only in the next version of the iPhone.

However, iPhone hacker Drunknbass from Monster and Friends has other ideas, he is going all out to achieve the impossible. He is working on getting video recording working on the iPhone.

Drunknbass’s iPhone Video Recording Application is groundbreaking and at this point it can record 5 seconds of video at 10 fps at 2 megapixel quality and then immediately play it back thus proving that usable video recording is indeed possible.

At the moment the application does not have an interface so all you need to do is put it in your iPhone’s Applications folder, click on the button and it will start recording.

Drunknbass is still working on the application and is currently facing some limitation with regards to iPhone’s RAM however expects that the final version of the iPhone Video Recording application will be able to record somewhere from 15-30+ fps and should have an unlimited file length.

The great thing about the application is that we might not have to wait for the next version of the iPhone for the video recording feature as we could have Apple unlocking this feature in future firmware updates itself.

If you are interested in checking out the native video recording iPhone application then follow this thread over at ModMyiFone for installation steps.

Thanks Kush for the tip.

Drunknbass keep up the great work! Folks if you like what you see you can also donate to the development effort, detail of which are available on his Monster and Friends website.

You can checkout the YouTube clip of the iPhone Video Recording application in action below.