iPhone Firmware 2.0 now plays WAV Voicemail files emailed by VOIP Service Providers

BY Jason

Published 26 Jul 2008

If you have been a little ticked off that your iPhone does not play the WAV voicemail files that are emailed by your VOIP service provider then here is some good news with iPhone firmware 2.0.

If you have upgraded your first generation iPhone to firmware 2.0 or have upgraded to iPhone 3G then you should be able to play the WAV voicemail files that have been emailed to your VOIP service provider.

Jeff, one of our readers here at iPhone Hacks, had tipped us about this feature in the comments. He had this to say:

"I found that the iPhone V2 plays .wav files. Previously, no luck. I can now get my magicjack voicemails to play!"

This should work with VOIP services such as AT&T’s CallVantage, Packet8, Vonage (might have already been working for this one), MagicJack etc.

Let us know if you are able to play the WAV voicemail files sent by your VOIP service provider after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.0.

Thanks Jeff for the tip!


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