Which Color iPhone X Should You Buy — Space Gray or Silver?

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Oct 2017

The iPhone X goes up for pre-order on October 27 which means its time for you to make up your mind on which color you plan to buy. Due to the sheer demand of the device and supply issues, the iPhone X is expected to be in extremely short supply for the initial few weeks/months after its launch.

This makes it even more crucial that you get your iPhone X pre-order on point. Any cancellation or change in mind after getting your pre-order early means waiting for at least a couple of months or more to get your hands on the device. Thus, to help solve this dilemma of which color iPhone X to buy, we have a few tips for you which should make your decision easier.

Apple offers the iPhone X in two colors: Space Gray and Silver. The important point to know about both colors is that they both come with a black front. None of them come with a white front as it will break the illusion of the iPhone X having only its display at the front when watching movies and other content.

Space Gray

If you prefer a stealth look then the Space Grey iPhone X is for you. The gray looks almost black thanks to the rear glass construction of the handset which coupled with the black front of the device gives it a very stealthy look. This is also the safest color option if you don’t want your iPhone X to standout from the crowd or will primarily be using a case with the device.

I have always preferred black smartphones for their stealthy look so if I had to spend my money, it would be on the Space Gray iPhone X.


If you prefer some bling for your smartphones, go for the silver iPhone X. Remember that like the Space Grey iPhone X, the Silver variant also features a black front. Thus, it is only the rear of the device that will be in silver. If you prefer using a transparent case or just want your iPhone X to standout from the crowd, your only option is to go for the silver iPhone X. The color should also show visibly fewer fingerprints and scratches if you decide to carry your iPhone X naked.

iPhone X front view

Sadly Apple is only offering the iPhone X in Space Grey and Silver colors so you only have two options this year. You can, however, always use cases and skins to customise the rear of the device to your liking.

Which Color iPhone X Plus Are You Buying?

Color is so subjective that there is no perfect choice that we can recommend as the best. Look at the range of colors and pick the one that best suits your style. Make your choice and don’t look back. If you get tired of the shade you selected, you always can, add a case to change its appearance down the road.

Now that you’ve read the pros and the cons and you’ve seen multiple photos of each color, what are your views? Which color will you be buying your iPhone X in? Drop a comment and let us know.