Which iPhone X Storage Capacity Should You Buy — 64GB or 256GB?

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 25 Oct 2017

Which iPhone X Storage Capacity Should You Buy — 64GB or 256GB?

The iPhone X is an expensive smartphone by all means. And it gets even more expensive if you decide to buy the 256GB version which has a sticker price of $1,149. Thankfully, Apple is not offering a 512GB variant of the iPhone X so the maximum damage you can cause to your wallet is of $1,149.

However, before you go ahead and buy the 256GB iPhone X, ask yourself this question: Do you really need that much storage? Confused? Let us help you with this decision.

Capacity and Pricing

Apple is offering the iPhone X in two storage tiers – 64GB and 256GB. They are priced as follows:

  • iPhone X (64GB): $999 ($49.91/month)
  • iPhone X (256GB): $1,149 (($56.16/month)

General Storage Guidelines

If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep their entire music library offline on their iPhones, or you download a lot of movies or apps, it’s best if you don’t skimp on your storage. If you like to keep your entire photo library available offline on the device, it’s best if you go for the largest possible storage capacity.

On the other hand, if you use music streaming services, stream movies and TV shows exclusively and you back up all photos and videos to iCloud Photo Library, you might just get away with the lowest storage tier. But even then, you should be prepared when you hit the wall. You’ll need to delete apps and back up photos actively to make sure there’s enough storage space available.

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Who Should Buy the 64GB Model?

iOS 11 iPhone Storage Screen Recommendations

With its 2017 iPhone lineup, Apple has bumped the minimum storage across the board to 64GB. This means that the base iPhone X variant also comes with 64GB of storage out of which you will get around 50GB of usable space. Couple that with the new HIEF/HEVC format for photos and videos which occupy less space than before and you will realise that 50GB is more than sufficient for your daily use. That’s plenty of space to keep a few GB of music for offline playback on your device, few hundred photos and videos, and have 100s of apps installed on the device. Don’t forget that iOS 11 comes with features like the ability to offload apps and automatically deleting backed up photos which should further help you in managing space on your device if you eventually start running out of it.

Who Should Buy the 256GB Model?

Never want to worry about storage space on your iPhone X and have the money to blow? Buy the 256GB iPhone X then. With over 240GB of usable space, you can easily offload your entire music library on your iPhone X along with a few 4K movies to enjoy. And even after all this, you will still have space left to have a bunch of heavy games installed on the device. If you plan on keeping your iPhone X for a few years and don’t mind spending the extra moolah on the additional storage space, go for the 256GB variant.

Another benefit of buying the 256GB iPhone X is lower demand thereby increasing your chances of getting your hands on the device early. The demand for the 64GB iPhone X is going to be through the roof, while the 256GB iPhone X is going to have relatively lower demand due to its high price tag and not many people requiring so much space on their smartphone.

Which Capacity Will You Buy?

So, which capacity iPhone X do you plan on buying? And why? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.