Some White iPhone 5 Units Are Leaking Light

BY Jason

Published 24 Sep 2012

White iPhone 5

If you were planning to buy a white iPhone 5 due to concerns over black iPhone 5’s anodized aluminum coating being susceptible to scratching, then you may want to check if your iPhone 5 unit is leaking light.

A MacRumors forum member reports that some white iPhone 5 units are showing slight light leakage between the device’s glass display and the chamfered aluminum antenna.

BGR also confirms that they’ve noticed a similar issue with one of their white iPhone 5 units.

BGR has confirmed on one of its own units (see photo below) that there is indeed a small crack on some new iPhone 5 units located just below the power button. [..]

[..] The light leak and loosening chamfer on BGR’s defective iPhone 5 was a 64GB white and silver model running on AT&T. The light leak is unnoticeable except when the iPhone 5 is used under low-light or completely dark situations.

Few more users have reported a similar problem on this discussion thread on MacRumors forum. You can check out couple of pictures of iPhone 5 leaking light below:

Let us know in the comments if you’ve observed the issue.

[MacRumors via BGR]