YouTube on iPhone Now Offers Granular Control Over Video Quality Settings

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 23 Apr 2021

YouTube is rolling out a new feature on its Android and iPhone apps. The new feature now lets you have more granular controls over the quality of the video you stream.

YouTube has been fairly quiet in terms of introducing new features to its app since last year. The last feature YouTube introduced on iPhone was the gesture control for video playback in October 2020. The app was finally updated with App Store nutrition labels last month and is now rolling out a new feature on iOS which offers users more control over the quality of the video they’re streaming by allowing users to set a default preference.

Up until now, users have had only two options when it came to select a streaming quality. You could either choose the Auto option, which automatically adjusts video quality based on your internet’s speed. Or, you could manually select the streaming quality.

Now, you can YouTube offers more control over the video streaming quality. When you tap on the ‘Quality’ option in the YouTube app on iOS, now, it shows ‘Quality for current video’ on the top of the pop-up. Then, you can either select options from Auto, Higher picture quality, data saver, and Advanced.

Data Saver will use less of your internet data, thus, saving it. You can also select the Advanced option, which will bring the same old popup of select the streaming quality. Additionally, you can define default settings so that you don’t have to change the video quality settings again and again.

The streaming control is now rolling out on the YouTube app for iOS. Update the app if you’re not able to see these options.