YouTube for iPhone and iPad Update Adds New Gestures, Realigned Buttons

BY Asif Shaik

Published 26 Oct 2020

YouTube Logo

Google has published a new post on its blog announcing that it is updating the YouTube app for iOS. The update for YouTube brings new placements for a few buttons in the app and gestures for easier navigation.

Let’s start with the realignment of buttons. The new YouTube app for iOS has AutoPlay on the top right corner of the video playback window instead of its placement below the video playback window, making it easier for you to turn the AutoPlay on or off.

Google has also placed the captions toggle on the top of the video playback window making it much more convenient to it. As for navigations, there are two new ones. You can now swipe up on a video to go into fullscreen video mode and swipe down to exit from it.

You can now tap on the timestamp to switch between elapsed time and the remaining time of the video. YouTube now also suggests you for things like rotating the phone to enter fullscreen mode or play a video in AR when an augmented reality experience is available.

The update of YouTube for iOS has started rolling out today to all iPhone and iPad users. If YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad hasn’t already been updated, you can check for the update manually by going to the updates section in App Store.

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