YouTuber Builds Custom iMac With Apple Silicon Chip

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 3 Mar 2021

m1 imac

We’ve always dreamt of an iMac running the latest M1 chip from Apple. But there’s no information on when Apple will release its first iMac with Apple Silicon chips as of now. A YouTuber took it to his own and soldered the motherboard from M1 Mac mini and soldered it onto a 2011 iMac, making it the world’s first custom iMac with Apple Silicon chip.

YouTuber Luke Miani has built, what he calls, world’s first iMac with Apple Silicon chip. In the video, Luke explains how small the M1 Mac mini’s motherboard is. He claims that the motherboard is so small that it fits right into the chassis of the 2011 iMac without any modifications.

He says that the most difficult part of the project was to connect the display. Luke’s using an HDMI display adapter from the Mac mini motherboard to connect to the iMac display. Rest, he claims, is all the same.

m1 imac inside

There are some limitations with this setup though. First, the resolution of the 2011 iMac is very low. Its pre-Retina 27-inch 2560×1440 display is not (at all) an ideal way to use macOS. Second, the buttons, like the power switch, are all inside of the iMac, since M1 Mac mini’s chassis is inside. So there’s absolutely no way of turning it on, well, without taking out the screen.

Moreover, he had to use an extra antenna to convert the M1 Mac mini’s three-antenna Bluetooth and WiFi array into a four one, used by the 2011 iMac. Despite of the project being simple, Luke doesn’t recommend doing it this way.

Check out his full video here.

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