Adobe to rebrand Flash Professional to Animate CC; vindicates Apple’s stand not to allow Flash on iOS devices

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 1 Dec 2015

Adobe Flash

Proving Steve Jobs was right, Adobe today announced that it is rebranding its Flash Professional CC app to Animate CC. The rebranding will take place with the next release of the app scheduled for early 2016.

The company says that the rebranding will better reflect the app that has been rewritten over the last few years to incorporate HTML5, WebGL and other web standards. The rebranded software will continue to support Flash and AIR formats, and will also be capable of exporting animations in nearly any format including SVG.

In addition to the rebranding, Animate CC will come with a number of new features like easier audio syncing, 360-degree rotatable canvas, colored onion skinning, custom resolution export, and more.

Back in 2010, Steve Jobs had written an open letter to Adobe that provided six reasons as to why the company decided against supporting Flash on the iPhone. The reasons included the poor security record of Flash and how the format is not at all resource friendly, which was very important considering the limited processing power iPhones then had.

Jobs decision to not support Flash on the iPhone ultimately turned out to be the right one, with the format losing its appeal in the years that followed. Now, while Flash is supported on Android, the format has largely been replaced by HTML5 and other similar alternatives.

Flash, as we used to know it, is now officially dead. Don’t expect Adobe to stop supporting the format anytime soon though, since it is still used by many major brands in the animation industry.

[Via Adobe]