Amazon Announces the Echo Look Smart Speaker With a Camera for $200 That is Compatible with Amazon’s Style Check app

BY Evan Selleck

Published 26 Apr 2017

The Amazon Echo has been a big hit for Amazon ever since its debut, and the smart speaker has seen plenty of competition crop up, too.

While Apple was rumored at one point to be planning its own smart speaker, Google beat them to the punch with Home, another speaker with a lot of smarts baked right into it. So, to spice things up Amazon has officially unveiled a brand new Echo device, but this one has a very different approach, and one more defining feature: a camera.

It’s called the Echo Look and it will retail for $200 whenever it becomes available to buy. As the name of the device suggests, it’s designed specifically to look at the owner, and it can take a photo, a series of photos, and even video — all in an attempt to give you the best fashion advice possible.

The Echo Look is meant to help owners pick out the best wardrobe for the day, by letting them take photos of their chosen outfits, compare them, and then give a recommendation. This is called Style Check, and it will also include fashion advice from style experts, as well as decide which outfit looks better in the moment, and which one fits better on each individual user.

When a photo is taken of an outfit, the background will be blurred so the wardrobe can stand out. Users will be able to see the photos, or video, by way of the connected Amazon app (for iOS or Android). The app will let them see their outfit from varying angles, let them share that content on social networks, and more.

The Echo Look also features the standard Echo features, including a speaker, the ability to listen to audiobooks, check weather conditions, and more.

As mentioned above, the Echo Look will retail for $200, which, thanks to the camera, puts it at the top of the pyramid for Amazon’s Echo devices in terms of pricing. There’s no launch date just yet, but those interested in the device can sign up for an invitation on Amazon’s page.