App Store Billing Nearly Increased by 25% To $643 Billion in 2020

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 2 Jun 2021

app store billing 2020

Apple today shared some App Store statistics for the year ahead of this year’s WWDC 2021 conference. The company says that App Store billing and sales increased to $643 billion in the year 2020, a growth of around 24%. The research was conducted by an independent research firm Analysis Group.

The new study comes amid accusations against Apple for the malpractices on App Store. The report says that the number of small developers — those who generate revenue of less than $1 million a year — increased 40% since the year 2015. It says that one in four small developers has grown their earning by at least 25 percent each year for the past five years.

“The ability to reach a global audience on the App Store has helped developers of all sizes create life-changing opportunities not just for themselves, but for their teams and communities.

Nearly 80 percent of small developers on the App Store are active across multiple countries’ storefronts — and on average, these developers see earnings from users in more than 40 countries.”

Apple has then highlighted a few apps that have achieved success through the App Store. These apps include KidloLand, an app developed by two brothers from India, who’ve now expanded the team to 40 members. The study also claims that app-based companies — wh0’s total reliance on the App Store for their revenue — summed up for the total of more than $510 billion in their valuation.

App Store is now home to 1.8 million apps and caters to over 500 million visitors from 175 countries each week, says Apple.

Our Take

The fact that Apple has shared these statistics before this year’s WWDC 2021 conference tout that this year’s conference is going to be big. The company is expected to debut the new versions of its operating at the event, including iOS 15 and macOS 12. We’ve also heard rumors of Apple’s first mixed reality headset and the new M2 MacBook Pro making a debut at the event.

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