App Store Purchases Jumped by 22% to $40 Billion in H1 2021

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 30 Aug 2021

iPhone App Store

App Store sales continue to grow as a new report claims that consumers globally spent $41.5 billion on the App Store in the first half of 2021. As evident from the numbers shared today, consumers spend almost double the money on App Store as compared to Google Play Store.

The data was shared by the data firm Finbold. According to the data shared, consumers spent nearly $41.5 billion on the App Store during the first six months of 2021. This is a growth of nearly 22% year on year. For a comparison, consumers spent $23.4 billion on the Google Play Store.

finbold app store spending

“Mobile app spending grew in 2021 mainly due to consumer behavior resulting from the containment measures around the coronavirus pandemic. (…) From the H1 spending, the outstanding assumption is that consumers’ demand might not be slowing down, considering that most global jurisdictions have eased the pandemic control measures with the vaccine rollout.”

Even though App Store is doing better than Google Play Store, “Android flourished as the pandemic remained persistent in countries with an Android-dense population,” claims the report.

Though the report shows growth in spending on both App Store and Google Play Store, the gaming sector once again took a big chunk of the sales at $10.32 billion. Apart from games, TikTok was the most ‘top grossing app’ for the first half at $920 million, followed by YouTube at $564.7 million, and Tinder at $520.3 million.

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