Apple Rumored to be Working on Powerful Standalone AR/VR Headset with Two 8K Displays

BY Evan Selleck

Published 27 Apr 2018

Apple Australia

Apple is a fan of augmented reality, and hasn’t necessarily been all that forthcoming on any love for virtual reality, but a new report suggests the company is going all-in in a big way with both technologies.

CNET is reporting on Friday that Apple is currently working on a single headset that supports not only AR, but also VR. The goal is to offer a single, immersive experience, unlike the variety of different AR and VR headsets out there that offer a single experience. The device is reportedly codenamed T288, and if the report is accurate, than Apple is including an 8K display for each eye.

That would make it a 16K display.

Going further, the report indicates that Apple wants this experience to happen even if you aren’t connected to a computer or your iPhone. That means the device will be a standalone unit, and Apple is said to be working towards a 2020 launch timeframe.

As it stands right now, Apple’s current situation with AR and/or VR headsets seems to be covering quite a bit of ground. The last we heard, which does corroborate this report based on a launch date, Apple is working on a custom chip and operating system, which could be called “rOS” for its augmented reality headset. And there have been plenty of rumors that Apple is building a pair of AR glasses as well.

Our Take

Apple’s, and especially Tim Cook’s, love for augmented reality was always going to come into fruition beyond just turning iPhones and iOS devices into AR devices through ARKit. A headset has felt inevitable for quite some time. But this new report, of an AR/VR device with a 16K display, is pretty intense. Do you think Apple will meet the rumored 2020 launch date?

[via CNET]