Apple Confirms Studio Display Speaker Issues, Offers Temporary Fix

BY Dave Johnson

Published 3 Aug 2022

Apple Studio Display

According to a report, Apple admits that some Studio Display owners may experience speaker issues. While the company hasn’t devised a proper solution for the audio problem, there’s a temporary fix. 

In its March 2022 reveal, Apple described the Studio Display’s speakers as the “highest‑fidelity speaker system ever created for Mac.” While that may be true, the experience hasn’t been rosy for several buyers. 

Some Studio Display users have reported various issues with the monitor’s speaker system. These include: 

  • Audio playing at high speed
  • Choppy audio playback
  • An abrupt sound cut out
  • Distorted audio quality

The issue appears to be widespread, with hundreds of users expressing their disgruntle on Twitter and other forums. One of such complaints on 9to5Mac reads: 

“Audio gets choppy and eventually just cuts out completely. Rebooting the Mac doesn’t help. You literally have to power cycle the entire Studio Display(s). Happens about every 5-6 weeks for me it seems.”

The good news is the Studio Display’s audio issues are not hardware-related. However, there’s no permanent solution yet. 

How to Fix the Audio Issue on Apple’s Studio Display

MacRumors obtained an Apple memo sent to authorized service providers, which confirms the problem and offers a temporary solution. 

According to the note, customers facing speaker issues with the Studio Display should first unplug the monitor from power. Then, consider removing other accessories or devices connected to the display. Finally, the memo recommends waiting for ten seconds before reconnecting to power. 

Again, this solution is temporary. Indeed, a few users noted that it works for only a few days to weeks before the audio issues resurface.

So is there a lasting fix? Well, not yet. Since the Studio Display runs iOS, a software update can fix the audio issue permanently. Earlier in the year, Apple released an update to fix webcam issues on the Studio Display. 

However, the memo did not provide a timeframe on when such a solution may arrive for the audio issue. Meanwhile, the tech giant recommends updating the display to the latest firmware.