Apple Could Show Search Ads in Apple Maps From Next Year

BY Dave Johnson

Published 22 Aug 2022

Apple Maps

A recent Bloomberg newsletter by Mark Gurman indicates that Apple Maps may start showing search ads to users beginning in 2023. 

Apple is fast becoming a prominent player in the digital ads space. The company currently serves various ads across its App Store and in pre-installed apps such as News and Stocks. 

But there’s more to come. According to Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple plans to expand advertisement to other first-party apps such as Apple Maps. 

In a previous report, Gurman confirmed that Apple was testing an internal version of Maps that included search ads. Now the Bloomberg tech reporter says users could start seeing advertisements on the app as early as next year.

That means Apple Maps will offer promoted listings to users searching for specific locations. 

Gurman wrote in his latest weekly newsletter: 

 “I believe the engineering work is already underway to launch search ads in the Apple Maps app, and we should begin to see it be implemented sometime next year.”

With that said, the Cupertino-based company could offer ads on more pre-installed apps soon. 

Apple Could Expand Ad Business to Other Pre-Installed Apps

Apple has a thriving ad business, with up to $4 billion in annual revenue. 

Currently, the company offers display ads on the App Store, including the News and Stock apps on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You’ll also find watch broadcast advertisements within the Apple TV+ live stream of MLB games and pre-game shows. 

However, reports suggest that the tech giant wants to increase its annual ads revenue to at least $10 billion. With that in mind, other pre-installed Apple apps such as Books and Podcasts could feature display ads in the coming year. 

You can also expect to see more ads in other sections of the App Store. The company is currently running an ad trial in the “You Might Also Like” and the Today section of the App Store.