How to Share Your Location and ETA Live Using Google Maps on iPhone

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 6 May 2017

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There are many instances where the exact location and the ETA of your friends would be really helpful. Usually, you’re left with messaging each of them, trying to make sense of timing (which is never a fun thing to do). But now, if your friends choose to do so, they can share their location and ETA with you, live, securely and privately, using Google Maps.

How To Share Location With Google Maps

Step 1: To share the location, open the Google Maps app and tap on the hamburger menu. From the list, select Share Location.

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Step 2: From the pop-up, select the time limit for shared location.

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Step 3: Tap on People and select the contacts you want to share the location with. Then tap on Share. From here you’ll need to give Google access to monitor your location even when the app is in background.

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Now you’re in the shared view screen. If the other person is sharing their location, you’ll see it in their tab. Tap on the profile icons on the top to switch between the locations of different people.

How To Stop Sharing Location With Google Maps

Step 1: To stop sharing, go to the Share Location view first and tap the toggle button at the bottom.

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Step 2: Do this for all your friends.

Quite A Smart Feature

The Location Sharing feature in Google Maps is quite smart, in multiple ways. It also lets you share your location while you’re navigating with Google Maps. So your friends can know your ETA as well. You can also send updates to your friends during your travel.

How do you usually send your location to your friends? Do you use the built-in feature in iMessage? Do you think you’ll use this feature in Google Maps? Share with us in the comments below.

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