Google Maps for iPhone Gets Toll Price Estimates, Apple Watch Support, More

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 5 Apr 2022

Google Maps users on iPhone will now be treated to more features that step up the navigation experience. The detail on maps has been increased, and Google says you can now get toll estimates as well.

The additional detail on the maps could come in handy while navigating through unfamiliar terrain. Google says Maps will show you traffic signals and stop signs, building outlines, and other areas of interest along your route.

If you use Google Maps on CarPlay, the app will also show you medians, islands on the road, their shape, and their width in a handful of cities. The search giant says the feature should reach users “in the coming weeks.”

The other significant improvement comes in the form of toll estimates. Google Maps’ latest update will let you estimate the toll price for your trip before you start navigation. The estimate is calculated based on the cost of using a toll pass and what day of the week it is. This month, the toll prices will be listed for 2,000 roads in the US, India, Japan, and Indonesia. Support for roads in other countries will be added in due course. Like before, you also get the option of picking a route that avoids tolls.

Google is also adding standalone support for Apple Watch. This means you will be able to tap on the Maps shortcut on your Apple Watch and start navigation without requiring a connected iPhone. You will get navigation directions directly on the wearable. The company says this feature will be available in a few weeks. Lastly, you will be able to use a “Take me home” complication on Apple Watch to automatically initiate navigation to a predefined location, such as your home. The feature could come in clutch if your iPhone runs out of juice and you’re stuck in an unfamiliar area.

Additionally, Google is making several minor improvements to the Maps app on iPhone. For instance, a new pinned trip widget will let you quickly access arrival time, suggested route, and the next departure time (for transit trips) from the Go Tab on the iPhone home screen. The company also has plans to integrate Google Maps with Spotlight, Siri, and the Shortcuts app. Hence, initiating navigation and controlling the app becomes even more convenient, primarily through voice commands.

Most of these features are rolling out in the coming weeks. However, the pinned trip widget and deep integration with Siri will be available in the coming months. What other features do you wish Google Maps brought to iPhone? Tell us in the comments.

[Via Google Blog]