You Can Now Make Voice and Video Calls via Gmail App on iPhone

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 7 Dec 2021

Gmail Logo

Google announced that users on iOS and Android can now make one-on-one voice and video calls from Google Chat in the Gmail app.

The voice and video calling facility on Google Chat was first announced in September this year. It is now rolling out to all free and premium tier Google users. So, if you have a personal Google account, G Suite, or a Google Workspace account, you can call anyone else on the Gmail app. Calls will go through if both users trying to interact have updated to the newest version of the Gmail app.

Previously, users could initiate calls from Gmail, but the recipient had to join using a Google Meet video conferencing link. This could seem overwhelming for individuals hoping for simple one-on-one interaction. From now, it will be just that way. Within the Gmail app, Google Chat now has phone and video icons in the top right of every one-on-one conversation. These buttons can be used for initiating a voice or video call from within the Gmail app itself.

The addition of calling features takes Gmail a step closer to Google’s vision of making it a central hub for all communication services it offers. Interestingly, if you initiate a voice or video call from the standalone Google Chat app, you will be redirected to the Gmail app to proceed.

Gmail Google chat voice video calling

If you didn’t notice, the Gmail app now has four tabs: one for emails, a second one for Google Chat, one for Rooms (the company’s take on a Slack-like messaging service), and a fourth tab for Google Meet (the video conferencing service).

[Via Google Workspace Updates]