iPhone and iPad Now Get Google One VPN with 2TB Plan

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 1 Feb 2022

Google One is the search giant’s subscription service that offers additional Google Drive storage, extended customer support, and a VPN to paying customers. The VPN service has been available only on Android but is now launching on iOS and iPadOS.

The VPN service is exclusively available with the “Premium” plan that offers 2TB of cloud storage for $9.99 per month or $100 billed annually. The plan also gives members 10 percent back as Google Store rewards, access to “Pro Sessions,” and Gold status for Google Play points. The VPN service is unavailable on Android and iOS on the Basic and Standard plans. The best part is that you can share these plan benefits with up to five family members.

To set up Google One VPN on your iPhone or iPad, install the Google One app from the App Store and complete the setup process following on-screen instructions. Once the feature is available on iOS and iPadOS, the Home feed on the Google One app will have an “Enable VPN” button. Once enabled, users will see iOS’ default “VPN” icon appear in the status bar.

If iCloud Private Relay doesn’t quite cut it for you, the VPN offered with Google One’s Premium plan could help encrypt your internet traffic on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. That said, you can’t choose specific offshore VPN servers to connect to, like on several other third-party VPN apps. Google promises never to use the VPN to track, log, or sell your browsing data. The feature has also been audited by a third party, and its client libraries are open source.

Google One’s Basic and Standard plans also get the job done if you don’t need 2TB of cloud storage or access to the search giant’s VPN service. The “Basic” plan costs $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year and offers 100GB of cloud storage. The “Standard” plan doubles the amount of storage on offer for $2.99 every month or $29.99 billed annually.

Google One VPN support is rolling out for iOS and iPadOS gradually. The search giant also has plans to offer the encrypted browsing feature on Macs and Windows computers in the future. Do you think Google One VPN would succeed on iOS when Apple already offers iCloud Private relay with remarkably similar functionality? Please tell us which service you prefer to use in the comments section below.

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