Apple Discontinues iMac Pro, Available Only Until Supplies Last

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Mar 2021

iMac Pro discontinued

Apple seems to have effectively discounted the iMac Pro as it has removed all BTO configurations of the machine from its online store. The company now only lists the base $4,999 iMac Pro for sale and notes that the machine is only available “While supplies last.”

Apple had first launched the iMac Pro in 2017 to address the lack of a powerful machine for creators and professionals. It was meant to act as a stop-gap solution until Apple launched the redesigned Mac Pro. The iMac Pro has the same chassis design as the regular iMac but ships with beefier internals, including Intel Xeon CPUs, up to 128GB RAM, and more powerful Radeon GPUs. It also featured a beefier cooling system and was only available in a Space Gray color.

Many of the 21.5-inch iMac configurations are also not available for purchase from the Apple Store. There is a rumor of Apple launching new iMacs with its custom M1x chip as soon as this month. It is possible that the company will not launch a new iMac Pro as an updated iMac with a more powerful M1 chip will be more than capable of replacing it.

The new iMacs are expected to feature a radically redesigned chassis with a slimmer design, a powerful M-series chip with a beefier GPU. They will be available in an array of colors like the iPad Pro.

Additionally, since the iMac Pro was meant as a stop-gap solution, it is unlikely to have sold well for the company after a certain time. The 2019 Mac Pro also starts from a similar price point and offers more upgradability options than the iMac Pro.

If you still want to buy an iMac Pro for some reason, you can find some configurations at B&H and other third-party retailers.

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