Apple Engineers Unhappy With the Lack of Clear Strategy for Apple TV

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Aug 2021

new siri remote

A new Bloomberg report details that Apple’s strategy with the Apple TV remains unclear, which has led to the engineers working on it being unsure about its success.

The report states that the Apple TV has “become pointless,” with Apple lacking a clear strategy for the smart home. Apple’s offering pales in comparison to offerings from Amazon, Roku, Google, and others.

Gurman says Apple could make the Apple TV a viable living room streaming device option by cutting its price or by launching a cheaper “stick” version with 4K playback. Given the info that Gurman has though, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Apple TV does offer some benefits to users who are heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem. However, as a standalone product, the Apple TV is both expensive and inferior to its competition. Apple recently introduced the second-gen Apple TV 4K with Siri Remote with a faster chipset. While the new Apple TV 4K packs an impressive set of features, it is substantially more expensive than similar offerings from Amazon and Roku.

Gurman believes Apple will release a “combined Apple TV, HomePod and FaceTime camera home hub device” in 2023. This product will be similar to Facebook’s Portal or smart displays from Google and Amazon in terms of features and functionality. It is unclear if this upcoming smart home product from the company will help put it on the same level as Amazon, Roku, and its competition or not.

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