Report: Apple Focusing on Galaxy Z Flip Style Foldable iPhone, Won’t Launch in 2022

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 8 Feb 2021

foldable clamshell iphone

Last month, a report detailed that two folding iPhones prototypes passed Apple’s internal durability test. Now, a new report details that Apple is focusing all of its development on a clamshell-style foldable iPhone, and when it could release this device.

Jon Prosser, popular Apple leaker and the owner of the Youtube channel Front Page Tech, says that after the successful first round of hinge testing, Apple has focused all of its development into the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip styled clamshell iPhone. He says that there’s no known reason as to why the flip-style iPhone is getting all the ‘attention.’

“It seems that Apple has sort of made its mind in terms of which direction to move towards, and leading headfully in favour of that clamshell phone. My sources aren’t sure why that the clamshell foldable is having all the attention, which might be due to the phone passing hinge testing, or maybe it’s due to their partnership with Samsung.”

He also talks about the colors we could see on the flip-style iPhone. Unlike the premium and more ‘polished’ colors, we generally see on the Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone, the foldable iPhone is expected to come in ‘joyful’ colors. He notes that this is contrary to what Apple has done in the past, and the company might be targeting more mainstream people with this unique device.

Reports came out last year that Apple might launch a foldable iPhone in 2022. In contradiction to this report, Prosser says that “there’s no way Apple would announce a foldable iPhone in 2022.” He doesn’t highlight on when we can expect the new foldable iPhone to come out, he does say that it definitely won’t be next year.

Some information regarding the new foldable iPhone has leaked in the past. The smartphone is said to feature next-generation flexible ceramic shield cover glass. Last year, Apple ordered ‘a large number’ of foldable displays from Samsung, which was our first hint towards the foldable iPhone.

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