Apple Gifted Trump the ‘First’ 2019 Mac Pro

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Jan 2021

Former United States President Donald Trump was gifted the ‘first’ Mac Pro that was assembled in Apple’s assembly line in Austin, Texas by Tim Cook. The information is based on Donald Trump’s final financial disclosure today after he left the White House.

For the 2019 Mac Pro, the disclosure from Trump states that it was “the first created at the Flex Factory in Austin, Texas.” Trump played a key role in forcing Apple to manufacture the 2019 Mac Pro in the United States thanks to the tariff war that was started by the former U.S. president. The company had received a “federal product exclusion” for “certain necessary components” that made it possible to assemble the Mac Pro in the U.S.

Apple assembles the Mac Pro in the United States to meet local demand and for other markets, it still ships the machine from its supplier’s factories in China. The $5,999 Mac Pro is the base model of the machine and it can be configured with far more powerful and expensive upgrades. Notably, Apple did not gift Trump a Mac Pro with wheels which cost another $400.

Apart from Apple, Ford’s executive chairman Bill Ford gave Trump a leather bomber jacket while Boeing CEO gave him a customized golf club. Given the position and power that Trump had access to as the President of the United States, it is not surprising that Apple gifted him a Mac Pro.

[Via The Verge]