Class Action Lawsuit Filed against Apple over MacBook Pro ‘Flexgate’ Display Issue

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 8 May 2020

Apple is facing yet another nationwide class action lawsuit. This time around, the lawsuit alleges that Apple knowingly concealed a defect in flex cable on 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro. The issue has earned the name ‘Flexgate’ and first came to light in May last year.

iFixit is known for its teardown and repairability index. Last year, the publication revealed that certain MacBook Pro models suffered from display flex issues. Initially, the display will be plagued by uneven lighting at the bottom, and eventually, it will fail completely.

The first question that comes to our mind is why worry since the problem is covered by a standard warranty. Well here is the catch, the issue with flex cable typically crops up after prolonged usage. In most cases, the MacBook Pro is out of warranty. The worst part is that even Apple Care covers only a part of the repair cost while the rest is borne by the user.

Imagine spending more than $2,500 on a laptop only for it to fail shortly after the manufacturer’s warranty expires,” said PARRIS Law Firm attorney R. Rex Parris. “What’s even more appalling is Apple requiring customers to spend an additional $600 to $850 to replace the screen,” Parris added.

The reason behind the issue is that Apple had wound flex cable around the display controller board. Because of this flawed arrangement the display cable ended up tearing over time. Apple addressed the issue by offering the “MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program.” However, even in this case, the company agreed to replace the cable only on the 13-inch MacBook and not the more expensive 15-inch ones.

The class-action lawsuit asks Apple to extend the service program to 15-inch MacBook Pro. Furthermore, it also seeks restitution for all costs involved in replacing the affected MacBook Pro units. Now it is to be seen how Apple responds to the lawsuit and whether it will extend the service program to 15-inch MacBook Pro as well.

[via PRNewsWire]