This is the Only Way to Unbox Apple’s $700 Wheels for the Mac Pro

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 12 May 2020

Apple Mac Pro 2019 Wheels

At $700, the Mac Pro wheels from Apple are ridiculously priced. Yes, the machine itself has a base price tag of $4,999 before taxes but even then there’s no reason for the Mac Pro wheels to cost as much as $700. Such expensive wheels also require a special unboxing treatment which is what Luke from Unbox Therapy has done.

Apple does not offer wheels for the Mac Pro case by default. One can customize and add them while purchasing the machine in which case they will have to pay $400. However, if you have already purchased the Mac Pro and need to add the wheels now, you will have to pay Apple $700 for it. The unboxing experience in itself is unique because you are unlikely to ever see four sets of wheels being sold in such a fancy box. Luke’s unboxing video embedded below is even more unique and he uses gloves and extreme caution during the entire process just to show how expensive the wheels are.

Make sure to watch the entire video since the end is particularly funny.

Anyone who buys the $700 wheels for the Mac Pro is likely doing so because they don’t really have any other choice. And despite paying $700 for the wheels, they lack a locking mechanism which means if you intend to move around your Mac Pro after getting the wheels, you need to be extremely careful while doing so.