Apple Again Goes After Corellium, Files Appeal In Copyright Lawsuit

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Aug 2021


Apple has filed an appeal in a copyright case against Corellium that it lost last year. The move comes just a few days after Apple settled all its lawsuits against Corellium, though this copyright lawsuit was not a part of the settlement.

In the original case, the judge ruled that Corellium was using iOS under fair-use terms and there was no case of copyright infringement. Apple on its part claimed that Corellium was illegally replicating iOS and its system apps.

For the unknown, Corellium is a virtualization company that claims to be the first in the market to offer iOS, Android, and Linux virtualization on ARM. It allows users to use a virtual iPhone running iOS right from within their browser. The startup recently announced that it would be offering $5,000 in grants to security researchers who study and analyze Apple’s controversial new CSAM tool.

Security researchers are surprised at Apple’s decision to revive its fight against Corellium after settling other lawsuits with it outside of court.

“Enough is enough,” said Corellium Chief Executive Amanda Gorton. “Apple can’t pretend to hold itself accountable to the security research community while simultaneously trying to make that research illegal.”

While not clear, it is possible that Apple is again going after Corellium after the latter announced its new security grant for analyzing the new CSAM tool.

[Via Reuters]