Apple Is Supporting iPhones as Old as Six Years for Major iOS Updates

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 5 Jul 2019

Apple has always had an upper-hand to Android when it comes to software updates. Android users have constantly complained about the lack of timely updates and owners of less popular smartphones might never even get an update. Meanwhile, Apple has always been consistent when it comes to updates and scores a staggeringly high adoption rate for new versions of iOS.

If you buy the latest iPhone then rest assured that you will get the latest iOS updates for four years. According to recent statistics, the number of years of software support for iPhones is only going up. In other words, Apple is supporting older devices much longer while guaranteeing an update for four years.

The statistics show that since the iPhone 4s all the iPhone has received at least five major iOS update before the end of support. The iPhone 6, 6 Plus supported five major iOS updates and only got cut off with the iOS 13. Interestingly, the iPhone 5s was treated to six updates with the iOS 12 as the last one.

As of May, iPhones iOS 12 is installed on 87% of the devices while the Android 9 Pie is only installed in 10.4% of devices. Now, this is a stark contrast and in some cases, Android users may have to compromise on security due to lack of update. The latest iOS 13 supports iPhone 6s and 6s Plus which were launched in 2015. Five years of update is pretty cool, especially if you are someone who loves holding on to their iPhones.

Our Take

More than often Apple has been criticized for expensive iPhones. However, Apple supports older iPhones much longer than Android and thus you will be able to use your iPhones for longer. Moreover, iPhones generally fetch a good resale value and this should help recover your initial cost.

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