Apple Starts Showing iPhone and Mac Repairability Scores in France

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 26 Feb 2021

Apple Repairability Score in France

To meet the new regulations under Right to Repair laws, Apple has started showing repairability scores of its products in France on its online store.

The scores are listed for all of Apple products including iPhones and Macs. The scores are given out of 10 and intend to inform users “if their product is repairable, difficult to repair or not repairable.” The iPhone 12 series has a repairability score of 6, while the iPhone 11 series has a score of 4.6. The new M1 MacBook Pro gets a repairability score of 5.6, while the MacBook Air has a repairability score of 6.5. The 16-inch MacBook Pro has been listed with a repairability score of 6.3.

The repairability scores of all devices are listed on their product page on Apple’s online store in France. Apple also has a new support page detailing the repairability score of each device and how it determined their score which is based on the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. The repairability scores are only listed on the store pages of new iPhones and Macs and are missing from the refurbished product store pages.

Apple has taken its own time in adding the repairability scores of its devices on its website. Other Android OEMs were quick to add these details on their website soon after the law was passed in France. The EU has passed a similar Right to Repair law which could force Apple to show the repairability score of its products across the entire EU.

[Via MacGeneration]