Apple Says ‘Jelly Scrolling’ Issue of iPad mini 6 Display is Normal

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 29 Sep 2021

iPad mini 6

Early iPad mini 6 owners have noticed a “jelly scrolling” issue with the display on their unit where one part of the screen refreshes faster than the other. This is most noticeable when the iPad mini is used in portrait mode while scrolling through lists, websites, and large documents. Apple has now issued a statement on this matter.

The company confirmed to Ars Technica that the “jelly scroll” issue is normal for devices with an LCD screen. Unlike OLED panels, LCDs refresh their screen line by line, which leads to a delay between the top and bottom of the screen refreshing. On the iPad mini 6, this delay leads to the left and right side of the display refreshing at different rates leading to the “jelly scroll” effect.

Apple uses 60Hz LCD panels on the iPad Air 4 and the $329 iPad as well, but the issue is more pronounced on the iPad mini 6. It is unclear if Apple will try to at least reduce the “jelly scrolling” with a future iPadOS update.

Once you notice the jelly scrolling issue on an iPad mini 6, it cannot be unseen. So, if you have not yet faced this issue on your iPad mini, it’s best to remain oblivious of it. If you do not like your iPad mini 6 due to this issue, you can consider returning it to Apple and getting a refund.