Several iPad mini 6 Users Report Display Discoloration and Distortion Issues

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Oct 2021

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Several iPad mini 6 owners are reporting discoloration and distortion issues with their display. The problem does not seem to be as widespread as the jelly scrolling issue affecting the iPad mini 6 but could point to a manufacturing defect for a small batch.

As first detailed on Reddit by u/Aromatic-Coat5459, holding the iPad mini 6 in portrait orientation and lightly pressing on the display leads to distortion and discoloration issues. The discoloration is not happening due to pushing hard on the display, but a clearance issue.

Try it out yourself. Put it in dark mode and open Apple notes with a new blank note (so you can see it more clearly). Make sure you are in vertical orientation with the power button on the top right (just so we are all talking about the same area of the screen) and *very lightly push on the screen and you will find large discoloration and distortion on one particular spot about an inch down and to the left from the top right corner.

This IS NOT discoloration from pushing to hard which would show up under where your finger is pressing. This, instead, seems to be a clearance issue between the housing elements and the LCD. You can move your pressure around the affected area within a radius of about three inches and the LCD will still show discoloration in the SAME spot.

Below is a video showing the issue:

The original poster did get a replacement unit from Apple, but it suffers from the same issue. He says that such an issue can be caused “whenever a ribbon cable wasn’t folded just right it would push up on the LCD display.” Several other iPad mini 6 owners have also chimed in the thread reporting the same issue.

Are you also seeing similar issues with the display on your iPad mini 6?

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