I’ve been keeping the iPad mini by my side at all times for the past week or so, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy that was thanks to its size. Every iPad is portable, but some are certainly more portable than others. I have a 2020 11-inch iPad Pro and, while it could come with me almost anywhere, I mostly use it in my home as a secondary device or as my main driver when I’m traveling. The iPad mini, on the other hand, could fit into almost any bag I own without hassle, providing a much-needed larger screen for activities like reading, watching videos and FaceTime calls. I didn’t find it super difficult to use my thumbs to type on the mini, treating it almost like a super-wide iPhone, but I also wouldn’t call it a comfortable experience.



iPad mini 6

Image Credit: MacStories

As Viticci puts it, the iPad mini 6 is the best small iPad ever.

The iPad mini was already in a class of its own; with this redesign, Apple has made the best small iPad I’ve ever tried – one that is a joy to use on a daily basis. Whether you’re looking for a companion device to your iPad Pro or a portable iPad to complement your Mac experience, this little iPad is worth the price of admission.

It might look like a smaller iPad Air, but it has its own identity.

I could go on with the similarities between the iPad Air and new mini (same 500 nits for display brightness, four-speaker audio system, USB-C), and I’m going to cover some of them later in this story, but I think it’s important to underline something right away. Despite looking like a smaller iPad Air, the new iPad mini yields a radically different experience that is thoroughly optimized for portability.

The small form factor makes the iPad mini a great device for playing games.

I also feel like the iPad mini is going to be the ideal iPad to play games with touch controls in landscape mode. The device is small and lightweight enough to be held with two hands for long play sessions; thanks to the wider aspect ratio in landscape, virtual controls in games stay out of the way and rest comfortably on the sides of the screen, under your thumbs.