Apple Kicks ‘Tinder for Anti-Vaxxers’ App From App Store

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 1 Aug 2021

iPhone App Store

Apple, this weekend, kicked an app called “Unjected” from the App Store. A report from Bloomberg claims that Apple booted the app because the app wasn’t following guidelines around COVID-19 and misinformation.

Apple has been on a ‘kick from the App Store’ spree this month. Earlier in July, the Cupertino-based giant booted fake review detector app Fakespot from the App Store at the request of Amazon. Now, a new Bloomberg report claims Apple has been cracking down on apps that violate COVID-19 guidelines and promote misinformation spread.

Unjected, launched in May, allowed users to create a profile, right swipe, and match, message other people who didn’t take vaccination for COVID-19. The app, coincidentally, launched when Tinder and Bumble were announcing new promotions to encourage people to get vaccinated. Among the youth, the app was popularly known as “Tinder for anti-vaxxers.”

The app was available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, however, it was removed from the Play Store after an update “triggered the review system of Google Play Store.” The app was finally removed from Play Store in July.

Bloomberg says that Unjected was available on the App Store even until this weekend, however, when the publication reached out to Apple for a comment, it was immediately removed.

Apple had originally denied Unjected during the initial review process and approved the app after it made changes to comply with Covid-19 policies, an Apple spokesperson said. Since then, “the developer has made statements externally to its users as well as updates to the app that once again bring it out of compliance,” Apple said, adding that Unjected encouraged users to avoid using certain words to avoid detection. “This is a violation of our guidelines, which make it clear: ‘If you attempt to cheat the system…your apps will be removed from the store.’

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