Apple Launches Longer 3-Meter Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable for Studio Display

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 4 May 2022

USB-C port

Apple may not have launched a USB-C iPhone yet, but it has launched a new 3-meter long Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable for hooking a Mac with thunderbolt ports up to the new Studio Display. While that is the intended use case, the versatility of Thunderbolt allows you to use the cable in several other situations as well.

The new Apple Store product listing was first spotted by the French website MacGeneration. Apple’s new cable is two meters longer than the cable shipped with the Studio Display. The company also sells a 1.8-meter-long version of the Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable for $129. The new 3-meter cable is priced at $159.

Apple’s latest accessory sports a black braided cable. The Thunderbolt 4 connection supports Thunderbolt 3 and USB gen 4 data transfers at up to 40GB/s and USB 3.1 Gen 2 transfers at up to 10GB/s. Additionally, the new cable allows for DisplayPort (HBR3) video output and USB-C power delivery at up to 100W.

Besides its intended use as a Studio Display cable, the new cable’s versatility also allows it to be used with the Pro Display XDR, Macs, Thunderbolt docks, external storage drives, and other accessories. Would you be interested in purchasing the new Thunderbolt cable?