Apple Launches Pride-themed Apple Watch Band Assembled by Hand

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 May 2020

Apple Watch Pride Band

Earlier today, Apple announced its 2020 Pride-themed Apple Watch Sport Band and a new Pride band from Nike. The new watch bands are in line with the new Pride watch faces that Apple debuted in the. latest watchOS 6.2.5 beta.

Apple has been releasing Pride-themed sport bands for the last couple of years. The highlight this year is that the Apple Watch Pride Sport Band is assembled by hand from “individual strips of colored fluoroelastomer. After this, the “strips are then machine die-cut and compression molded together. This process results in subtle variations in the wavy rainbow design, making each band artfully unique.”

This is perhaps the first time that Apple is selling watch bands that have been assembled by hand. Since the band will be assembled by hand, every Pride Sport band is going to be unique and different from each other.

The company is offering the band for $49 and they are available in two different sizes: 40mm and 44mm. They are already up for sale on Apple’s online store and shop this week. Given that the band is assembled by hand, the $49 price tag is pretty reasonable.

Do you think Apple should release more bands for the Apple Watch that are assembled by hand because of the uniqueness they bring? Drop a comment and let us know!

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