Apple Watch Series 7 Bands Are Facing Supply Issues

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 21 Oct 2021

apple watch series always on display

Since its launch, the Apple Watch Series 7 has been notoriously hard to get, thanks to supply chain uncertainties. Now, the same can be said for its Apple-branded straps that keep wavering in and out of stock.

If you’re hoping for an Apple Watch Series 7 for Christmas, we suggest you place the order now. If it is available in a strap variant you prefer, order it right away. Obviously, the bands aren’t affected by the chip shortage plaguing electronics but supply chain issues continue.

The Watch is by far the most customizable product Apple has made. Using the Apple Watch Studio, customers can pick one each from two sizes, three case materials, and 40 bands (at the time of publishing). This creates a highly personalized product that can be configured in 240 different ways.

AppleInsider notes that depending on when you’re buying and where you are located, the options at hand can vary wildly. It was observed that the day Apple started accepting preorders, one additional gold band color option was available. Not to mention, the unavailability of certain options is dynamically impacted by the demand-supply equation for said options. It cannot be assumed that customers buying from different regions or at different times would be accessing the same options on Apple’s configurator.

If you missed an opportunity to snag a band you really liked, chances are it’s in the logistics pipeline and will be restocked eventually. You will just have to wait for an unknown amount of time. This is why we recommended your to buy the Apple Watch Series 7 right away in the beginning, especially if it is available with the strap of your choice. We expect this availability crunch to get worse as the holiday season draws near.