Apple Mask Pro Concept Is a Humorous Take on Hypothetical Coronavirus Face Mask

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 10 Mar 2020

Coronavirus outbreak has crippled the world and more people are getting detected with the virus each passing day. Economies have slumped and industries are reeling under the impact of coronavirus. One of the best ways to protect from coronavirus ist o use a facemask. Now an Apple fan has readied a concept of how the Apple Mask would look like.

A graphic designer by the name Justin Ciappara has created Apple Mask Concepts. The rather humorous take goes on to mention that Apple will sell the mask in three variants. The basic ‘Apple Mask’ is listed for $299, while the Pro goes all the way up to $399. Meanwhile, the iMask is priced at a rather reasonable $99.

Apple is known to improvise on existing products and create its own. However, we might never get to see an Apple Mask as the company would never make one. That being said, the concept of Apple Mask can lighten up your mood and help us understand how Apple would approach making a Mask.

The Apple Mask Pro is priced at $399 and is said to offer a new ‘Triple-filtering system.’ This seems like a cheeky reference to the triple rear camera on the new iPhone 11 Pro. Furthermore, the mask is capable of up to 24-hours of virus filtering and is water-resistant to a depth of 4 meters for up to 30 minutes. The mask in itself is made out of Super Fabric XDR material (maybe ripped straights out of an XDR Pro Display!)

If you are not wealthy enough, don’t worry. Apple Mask is priced at $299, however it comes with a dual-filtering system and offers 16 hours of virus-fighting. Also, the Mask is made out of Liquid Fabric HD material. If you cannot afford any of the masks then the iMask seems like a no brainer. At $99 it comes with the single-filtering system and offers only 1-hour of virus filtering. All the masks seem to be priced premium, but hey ‘if its not an Apple Mask it is not an Apple Mask!’

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