Apple Working on Redesigned iMac with Pro Display XDR-like Design, New Intel-based Mac Pro, More

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 15 Jan 2021

Apple iMac G4 Concept 2020

Along with the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, Apple is also developing a redesign of iMac for the first time in years.

First iMac Redesign in Years

Popular Apple leaker Mark Gurman has revealed that Apple is working on a major redesign of iMac for the first time in nearly a decade. The report suggests that Apple could do away with the thick black border around the display in iMacs, for a display similar to Pro XDR Monitor.

The two new Macs Apple is developing are reportedly codenamed J456 and J457. “The upcoming products are part of Apple’s radical overhaul of its personal computer lineup,” the report says. Gurman says that the next generation of iMacs and MacBook Pros will feature next-gen Apple Silicon processors. Gurman hasn’t provided any roadmap on when we can expect the redesigned iMacs to come out.

Apple Could Also Announce New Mac Pro

The report also says that Apple is working on the next version of its Mac Pro. Mac Pro is Apple’s desktop computer, that ships without a screen. It says that the next version of Mac Pro would come with an Intel chip, and not Apple Silicon. It would be exactly the same as the current Mac Pro.

The report, however, says that Apple could introduce Apple Silicon Mac Pro at a later stage which would be half in size as compared to the current-generation Mac Pro.

Earlier today, a report broke revealing details of the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBooks Pros. Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple’s next generation of MacBook Pros would come with a flatter design, in line with the redesigned iMac and the new iPhone 12 series. The report suggested that the new macs would also feature an improved display and no touch bar. The new MacBook Pro would also mark the return of MagSafe on the MacBook. Read our full report here.

It’s really turning out to be the year of Mac, isn’t it?

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