Apple Sued by Chinese Students for Not Including a Charger With iPhone 12 Pro Max

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 27 Oct 2021

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University students have sued Apple in China for not bundling a charger with the iPhone. The students demand that Apple provide one student with a wall charger for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, 100 yuan for breach of contract, and cover the legal expenses.

The students argued in an online hearing at the Beijing Internet Court that the bundled USB-C to Lightning cable with the iPhone 12 Pro Max was not compatible with other chargers, leading to them being unable to charge their phones.

The students also argued that Apple is only using environmental concerns for not bundling a wall adapter with new iPhones as an excuse to push its MagSafe chargers.

The plaintiffs also argued that Apple was only using environmental concerns as an excuse to promote its MagSafe chargers, since wireless chargers waste more energy than wired chargers, according to the report.

The two parties were in the process of supplying the court with additional evidence, the report said. The case was presented at a competition for public interest lawsuits this month.

This is not the first time Apple has been sued for not including a power adapter with a new iPhone. The company has been fined $2 million for selling iPhones without chargers in Brazil. In France, to meet the local laws, Apple has been forced to include EarPods with the iPhone 12, which it has done with rather unique packaging.

Following Apple, a lot of other OEMs have also stopped bundling chargers with their devices, though they have not received as much criticism for this move as Apple.

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