The Best iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives

BY Keyede Erinfolami

Published 31 Jul 2021

iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple consistently wows its users with different accessories, but sometimes some of the company’s offerings are pretty underwhelming. The latest MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 is one of the products in the latter category. The Battery Pack only has a capacity of 1460 mAh and supports up to 15W of wireless charging on the iPhone 12 series, but only under certain scenarios.

But, and this is a big but, it costs $99. Even for Apple, that’s too much money for too little power. It’s just not enough bang for your buck.

Fortunately, in the months since iPhone 12 has launched, the market has flooded with alternative options that offer varying degrees of features. If you’re looking for products that offer the same solution but have a more reasonable price tag, here are the best iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack alternatives.

Before that, though, let’s unpack what Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack offers.

How Does the iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack Work?

The MagSafe Battery Pack is a rectangular power bank that magnetically attaches to the back of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. Like any other MagSafe accessory, and as a first-party battery pack, it provides an integrated experience that no other product offers.

When the MagSafe battery pack is attached to your iPhone, you can see a charging indicator in the Batteries widget. That’s one of the perks of iOS integration that the product offers. The battery pack also supports reverse wireless charging, which means you can charge it while charging the iPhone. However, keep in mind that the battery pack will only start charging after your iPhone is charged up to 80 percent.

Despite being specifically designed for the iPhone 12 series, you can use the MagSafe Battery Pack with any Qi wireless charging device, including older iPhone models and AirPods. While the MagSafe Battery Pack does offer up to 15W charging speeds, that only happens when used while plugged into a 20W or higher power brick. When using the Battery Pack on the go, Apple says it will charge iPhone 12 at 5W, but that is pretty slow. Another strike for the MagSafe. Apple says the low output is to prevent overheating issues.

At the time of writing, the MagSafe Battery Pack is only available in white. It has the same soft-touch silicone exterior as Apple’s silicone cases and a Lightning charging input.

If iOS integration isn’t a must-have for you, here are some great alternative iPhone 12 MagSafe battery packs worth checking out.:

1. HyperJuice Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack

Hyper Juice Wireless Battery Pack

The HyperJuice battery pack is a 5000mAh offering within a plastic shell. Like the MagSafe Battery Pack, it can connect magnetically to the back of any iPhone 12, but it’s not as fast as the former because it only has a 7.5W output.

Hyper offers an efficient dual output;  a 12W USB-C in/out alongside the 7.5W wireless output. Of course, you would need a USB-C cable to benefit from this feature. This duality, plus its 5000mAh battery, makes it possible to charge two devices at a time. It has a four-stage LED indicator that gives you an idea of the battery level and how much juice it has left.

Like the MagSafe Battery Pack, the Hyper pack is also capable of reverse charging so it can charge your device while it is plugged in. Your iPhone 12 gets the priority, though, so the battery pack gets charged only after your iPhone is full. Remember to turn it on after it’s attached to the back of your iPhone since there’s no automatic switch like in Apple’s battery pack.

One limitation you might encounter is the rotation of the battery pack while you’re holding your iPhone. This is because it doesn’t have a shell with a soft touch. The plastic shell makes it slippery, and if you’re not careful enough, you could drop both your iPhone and the battery pack. Another is the overall power output. When you’re charging two devices, one charges faster than the other, and you don’t get to decide which one.

If you love what you know so far, you can get this battery pack directly from Hyper at $39.99.

Buy Now ($39.99)

2. Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini

mophie snap+ juice pack mini

Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini is a compact, well-designed, and reasonably priced alternative to Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack. Priced at $49.95 on the manufacturer’s website ZAGG and boasting a relatively modest 5000mAh battery, it also offers dual charging with a USB-C in/out. It can also charge other Qi-enabled wireless Apple devices like AirPods.

When fully charged, the Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack should be able to completely charge an iPhone 12 and 12 Pro as both come with  2815mAh batteries. It will not fill up an iPhone 12 Pro Max but should provide it with a considerable amount of extra juice. Though the Mophie is MagSafe compatible, it is not MagSafe certified and is restricted to 7.5W recharging capacity.

This limitation is similar to HyperJuice’s. It might not firmly attach to the back of your iPhone. Though the shakiness does not hinder your iPhone from charging, it is necessary to keep an eye on it for certainty.

Also, when this is used with iPhone 12 mini, it could block one of the cameras because of the size. The Snap+ Juice Pack Mini is not so mini, after all. All you have to do is hold off on picture-taking until you’re satisfied with your battery level. That can’t be too difficult, right?

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3. Anker PowerCore Magnetic Battery Pack

Anker Magnetic Battery Pack

Anker, a company renowned for well-priced, durable accessories, has also released a MagSafe compatible pack, the PowerCore Magnetic 5K. True to the Anker brand, it is a compact rubberized 5000mAh wireless battery pack that firmly snaps to the iPhone. It also offers Anker’s MultiProtect system, which includes short circuit protection, temperature control, and even a foreign object detection system.

The PowerCore promises a full recharge from 0 -100 for the iPhone 12 Mini and a 0-75 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is priced at $49.99 and comes with a USB-C port and a C-to-C cable in the box. You can get one from Anker with 18 months warranty. It is, however, restricted to just 5W wireless charging speeds.

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4. iWALK Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

iWalk Wireless Powerbank

Arguably one of the best alternatives for Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack with the largest capacity. At 6000mAh, the iWALK Magnetic Wireless Power Bank offers considerable recharging power for the iPhone 12 series. It can recharge an iPhone 12 mini 1.6 times, an iPhone 12, and a 12 Pro 1.2 times and offers an 0-80% charge for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iWALK powerbank comes with a ring holder for easy hold and maneuver when it is attached to the iPhone. It also displays the exact percentage of the battery pack and supports up to 15W wireless charging. It is priced at $34.99 on Amazon.

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There are numerous benefits to having an external battery pack or power source for your iPhone 12. They extend your productivity level, and you have more use time on your iPhone 12.

With the price tag on Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack, it’s understandable if you’re not excited about that option. Hopefully, these alternatives open up a larger world of possibilities for power backups.