Apple Watch could see more clock face options soon

BY Akshay Masand

Published 9 Feb 2016

Clock faces

Future iterations of the watchOS could incorporate more clock face options for the Apple Watch according to newly discovered Apple job listings.

Apple appears to be recruiting a software engineer to work on the Apple Watch’s dedicated clock face team according to the listing. The candidate will have to work with other teams and build not only new watch faces but also “complications” (data displays) that are configurable in some face designs.

Those of you who didn’t know, Apple added three new faces when it introduced the watchOS 2 last fall. These watch faces included Time-Lapse, Photo and Photo Album. These were shown when the Watch was first teased in 2014. Since fall of 2015, the only new face that has been made available is an option exclusive to buyers of Hermes models.

As of right now, the Cupertino California company is rumored to be working on partnerships with fashion brands beyond Hermes which could be one reason for expanding the clock face team. Generally speaking though, Apple may want to introduce more faces as there don’t appear to be any in watchOS 2.2, which might mean that people will have to wait until watchOS 3 to see new options.

Apple is said to be possibly making announcements at a rumored March 15 press event, though the focus is rumored to be on physical customization options rather than major hardware or software updates. We’ll have to wait and see.

[Via Apple]