Apple Watch Fall Detection Alerts Paramedics after a San Francisco Biker Got Hit by Car

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 10 Jan 2020

It is no secret that Apple Watch along with features like fall detection, ECG, and emergency services have helped save a life. This time around the fall detection feature on Apple Watch has come to the rescue of e-biker in San Francisco.

William Bout was hit by a car during his morning commute. Thankfully for him, the Apple Watch came to the rescue and alerted emergency services. At the time of the accident, he was riding an e-bike and was unconscious after the impact. Thankfully, William seems to have escaped with minor injuries and we hope his e-bike will get a new life as well!

The fall detection feature was first introduced on Apple Watch 4. Typically, the feature is geared towards elders. It intelligently detects the fall and then informs emergency services within a minute. However, in cases of minor falls, the person can choose to turn it off. The fall detection feature is turned off if you are below 65, that being said you can head over to the settings and activate the same.

It is also worth noting that Fall Detection also reaches out to a person’s emergency contact and notifies them with a text message and a map containing the location. The only caveat is that Emergency calling works only if an iPhone is with you or if a cellular plan is up and running on Apple Watch. Apple has taken it to the next level by adding international emergency calling on Apple Watch Series 5. Here is how you can enable and use the Fall Detection feature on Apple Watch.

Our Take

It is always heartwarming to see how technology saves a life. Apple Watch has saved many lives and also helped users keep a tab on their health. Earlier, AFib feature on Apple Watch has alerted users of impending heart conditions while the fall detection has alerted emergency services in cases of accidents or falls.

The first hour following a traumatic injury is often referred to as the Golden Hour in medical terms. It is very likely that the person will respond to medical and surgical treatment during this time period. The role Apple Watch plays during such accidents is very crucial.

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