Apple Watch Series 7 Production Reportedly Hits a Bottleneck Due to Quality Issues

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 31 Aug 2021

Apple is expected to launch the Apple Watch Series 7 alongside iPhone 13 at an event later this month. If you were eagerly waiting for the latest Apple Watch, here is some bad news. Sources from the supply chain claim that Apple Watch Series 7 production is delayed owing to “complicated design.”

The report claims Apple began a small scale two weeks ago. During the production, employees “encountered critical challenges in reaching satisfactory production performance.” We presume the report is referring to the new flatter design as complex. The report also claims that Apple has “temporarily halted” production of the new Apple Watch. It looks like engineers could tweak the designs so that it would be easier to mass-produce.

Manufacturers of Apple Watch 7, as the device is expected to be called, began small-scale production last week but encountered critical challenges in reaching satisfactory production performance, multiple people familiar with the situation said.

Multiple sources say the production quality is disappointing owing to the design complexity. Furthermore, assemblers are finding it difficult to put the components together. The Apple Watch Series 7 is rumored to feature a flatter design and a larger display. Designwise Apple Watch has changed very little over the past several years.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is likely to arrive with a blood pressure monitor. As per the report, the blood pressure monitoring module is also causing some issues. After adding the blood pressure monitoring feature, the device failed to meet requirements for “water resistance performance,” thus resulting in production challenges.

Our Take

It is hard to believe Apple delayed Apple Watch Series 7 production till now. Typically, mass productions began in May and are ramped up for the rest of the year. Last year a similar report said iPhone 12 could face delays of up to two months. However, nothing of that sorts happened. What are your thoughts about delayed Apple Watch Series 7 production? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Nikkei]