Apple Watch Series 7 Could Feature Blood Glucose Monitoring

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 25 Jan 2021

The next Apple Watch Series 7 upgrade could feature the ability to measure blood glucose via an optical sensor. While there are plenty of wearables available in the market, none of them feature the ability to monitor blood glucose levels.

By using an optical sensor, Apple will be able to offer a non-invasive way of monitoring blood glucose levels. The Korean report from ET News primarily focuses on the blood glucose monitoring levels of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 but also notes in passing that Apple is also expected to introduce the same feature with the Apple Watch Series 7 later this year. The company is currently in the process of ensuring the feature is reliable and stable enough for commercial purposes.

Apple was among the first companies to bring ECG capabilities on a wearable to consumers at a reasonable price point. Since then, a number of wearables — including those from Samsung — have popped up in the market with similar capabilities. There have been rumors of Apple adding blood glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch series for the last few years. Rumors of Apple working on a non-invasive blood sugar level sensor first popped up in 2017 itself. If the company is indeed able to pull this off, it could end up winning over a lot of customers suffering from diabetes who would want a non-invasive way of measuring their blood sugar levels.

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[Via ET News]