The Best Apple Watch Series 7 Features That Make It a Must-Buy

BY Parth Shah

Published 15 Sep 2021

Apple Watch Series 7 Features

Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 7 at its ‘California Streaming’ event. The latest-gen Apple Watch brings the biggest hardware change to the smartwatch lineup since it was first introduced. There are many usability improvements on the Apple Watch Series 7, including a bigger display, better durability, faster charging speeds, and more. Check out the top seven Apple Watch Series 7 features that make it an instant buy.

There were rumors of Apple facing production issues with the Apple Watch Series 7. Those rumors seem to be true since Apple hasn’t disclosed the Apple Watch Series 7 pre-order or launch date details. Nonetheless, if you fancy buying the Apple Watch Series 7, check out some of the top features that make it worth buying.

1. New Design

The Apple Watch Series 7 further refines the classic Apple Watch design. It has softer, more rounded corners, and the display has a unique refractive edge that makes up for a seamless experience when interacting with apps.

Overall, it looks more in line with other Apple hardware and opens more space for the display. And that takes us to the second point.

2. Bigger Display

Apple Watch always came in two display sizes. The original Apple Watch came in 38mm and 42mm display sizes. Then Apple bumped the dimensions to 40mm and 44mm with Apple Watch Series 4, and now with the Apple Watch Series 7, the display dimensions are even bigger with thinner borders. The Apple Watch Series 7 will come in 41mm and 45mm sizes, with a display that’s 20% bigger than Series 6 and 50% bigger than Series 3.

1mm might seem like a minor upgrade over Apple Watch Series 6 but remember, we are talking about a display on the watch, and an increase in size makes a big difference in daily use. In the demo, Apple showed how one could view more lines in a message or mail on the Apple Watch Series 7.

apple watch series 7 display

3. New Watch Faces

To take advantage of the bigger display, Apple has introduced two new watch faces called Contour and Modular Duo.

The new Contour face takes the dial right to the edge of the display and fluidly animates throughout the day, emphasizing the current hour. The new Modular Duo face leverages the extra screen area with two large, data-rich center complications.

apple watch series 7 new watch face

4. Brighter Always-On Display

This can be a boon for those using Apple Watch in direct sunlight frequently. The Apple Watch Series 7’s new always-on display is 70% brighter than its predecessor, making it easier to see the watch face without having to lift the wrist or wake the display.

5. New Keyboard Experience

The Apple Watch Series 7 also gets a new typing experience to take advantage of a bigger display.

There’s a new QWERTY keyboard that can be tapped or swiped with QuickPath. This allows users to slide their fingers for typing, with on-device machine learning anticipating the next word based on the context to make text entry easier and faster. It even predicts emojis and automatically adds them at the end of a sentence.

apple watch series 7 keyboard

6. Better Durability

Apple Watch Series 7 features a redesigned front crystal with a more robust geometry that is over 50 percent thicker than that of Apple Watch Series 6, making it more crack-resistant without compromising optical clarity.

And hey, it keeps the same IP6X dust-resistant and water resistance rating of WR50.

apple watch series 7 durability

7. Fast Charging

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch Series 7 is still rated at 18 hours of all-day battery life. This is disappointing compared to some other wearables in the market that claim to offer multi-day battery life.

To compensate for this, Apple is adding faster charging to Apple Watch Series 7. The smartwatch can charge 33 percent faster than the Apple Watch Series 6, thanks to a new charging architecture and a new magnetic fast charger that now uses USB-C. The improvements mean you can fast charge Apple Watch Series 7 from 0 to 80 percent in 45 minutes. A 10-minute quick charge should be sufficient enough for 8 hours of medium usage.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will launch with watchOS 8 later this fall. watchOS 8 packs several new features, including an improved cycling mode, new workouts, redesigned apps, updated fall detection mode, and more. Looking at the specs sheet and our experience with watchOS 8, Apple Watch Series 7 does look like a worthy upgrade for Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 users. Are you planning to get one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.