Apple Working on MagSafe-based Battery Pack for iPhone 12

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 17 Feb 2021

Code found in the latest iOS 14.5 beta suggests that Apple is working on a MagSafe-based Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 series. The company had released a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 series over the last couple of years so a battery pack for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro lineup won’t be surprising.

The twist here would be that instead of the battery case charging the iPhone 12 using the Lightning connector, it would do so wirelessly using MagSafe wireless charging. And since it won’t be a ‘case’ per se, it would just snap at the rear of the device similar to the MagSafe Leather Wallet accessory. This would also allow Apple to keep the size of the Battery Pack in check and make it more compact than the Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 11.

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While quite a few MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12 lineup are now available in the market, MagSafe battery packs are still a rarity. Some accessory makers have shown MagSafe battery packs but they are not yet available widely or still in testing. Apple launching a MagSafe-based battery case for the iPhone 12 series would also end up giving a good push to the MagSafe accessory system and act as a cool way to showcase the technology.

Apple claims the iPhone 12 series offers the same battery life as the iPhone 11 lineup. However, the addition of 5G does mean that the phones can sip through a lot of power in no time if one using the phone for downloading content, video calling, etc. A MagSafe-based battery pack will help alleviate the battery anxiety for a lot of iPhone 12 users in such scenarios. It would also be particularly useful for iPhone 12 mini users which due to its compact size comes with a small battery which can sometimes struggle to make it through a day of use.

Are you looking forward to Apple unveiling a new MagSafe-based battery pack for the iPhone 12?