Apple’s AR Headset Unlikely To Work With Metaverse

BY Anu Joy

Published 10 Jan 2022

AR VR Headset

The metaverse trend gained steam with various companies such as Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Sony eyeing it as the future of the internet. However, Apple is choosing to skip the metaverse idea entirely. It is reported that the concept of metaverse is off limits when it comes to its much talked about AR headset.

Various tech companies are working on headsets that can be worn throughout the day for activities such as gaming, entertainment, and work. However, Apple’s focus is on designing a headset that is meant to be used for short bursts.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his Power On newsletter, said:

“I’ve been told pretty directly that the idea of a completely virtual world where users can escape to like they can in Meta Platforms/Facebook’s vision of the future — is off limits from Apple,”

Gurman added that Apple is focusing on designing a mixed reality headset intended for “bursts of gaming, communication, and content consumption.”

The past few months saw a lot of speculation and rumors regarding Apple’s AR/VR headset. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently claimed that the headset will feature two “3P pancake lenses”. Furthermore, it is said to sport a three-display configuration with two Micro OLED displays and one AMOLED panel. Kuo had earlier hinted that the AR headset will feature M1 Mac-level computing power.

The speculation doesn’t end there. Kuo kept rumor mills running by suggesting that the iPhone maker’s AR headset could come with 3D sensors for advanced gesture capture and object detection. Gurman has hinted that Apple could start shipping its headset in 2022. And Kuo chimed in with his prediction that Apple could launch a second-generation headset in 2024.

Do you think Apple could be missing out by refusing to be a part of the metaverse trend? Let us know in the comments.

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