AT&T Starts Offering Spotify Premium with Its Unlimited Plan

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 5 Aug 2019

Earlier this year, Verizon partnered with Apple Music and the former started offering free Apple Music with unlimited plans. Now AT&T has announced that they are bundling Spotify subscription with “Unlimited&More” plan. Meanwhile, those who don’t subscribe to the plan will still be able to get 6-month of Spotify Trial.

The offer is available for both existing and new customers. Customers on other plans can upgrade to “Unlimited&More” and get Spotify for free. If you are an existing Spotify customer you will be able to retain playlists and other preferences after switching on to Unlimited&More Plan. However, other customers will be treated to 6-month free trial post which they need to pay $9.99/month.

Today we are extremely excited to announce that we are teaming up with a world-class partner, AT&T, in a new relationship bringing Spotify Premium across one of the largest mobile networks in the U.S.- Spotify

Spotify and Apple Music may be battling for the numero uno position, however, Spotify still manages to enjoy a comfortable lead. The music streaming platform recently announced that it has 108 million paid subscribers which is nearly double as that of Apple Music’s paid subscribers base.

Apple’s Eddy Cue recently revealed that Apple Music has around 60 million paid subscribers. Needless to say, Apple Music is catching up but it might take some time for them to match steps with Spotify. Meanwhile, Apple recently announced that it will be funding original podcasts, something very similar to Netflix Originals. Interestingly, Apple Music has more paid subscribers than Spotify in the U.S. I personally prefer Spotify over Apple Music, let us know which is your favorite music streaming platform.