How to Find Your AT&T Mobile Data Usage on Your iPhone

BY George Tinari

Published 16 Nov 2016

Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr CC

Gone are the days of unlimited data when you didn’t need to keep track of your Internet and app usage. But here we are now, stuck in tiers of data. The upside is that most plans come with unlimited talk and text, but sometimes it’s easy to lose control of your data usage.

If you’re an AT&T customer, this article will show you how to check the data usage for your current billing cycle right from your iPhone. There are two simple methods and they’re both free.

Use the Data Usage Star Code

The easiest way by far to take a look at your usage is to use a star code. Star codes are symbol and number combinations that you can dial into your phone for quick information. AT&T users have a dedicated star code for finding out data usage.


Open the Phone app on iPhone and tap the Keypad tab. Dial in *3282# for English or *3286# for Spanish. (Yes, the numbers translate to DATA/DATO on the keypad.)

Press the green Dial icon and within a second or two you should get an on-screen message with your data usage.

As a bonus tip, you can also use this method for viewing your minutes. Dial *646# for English or *876# for Spanish.

Use the myAT&T App

If you want a more in-depth look at your data usage, your best bet is to skip the star code and head straight into the myAT&T app. It’s a free app from the App Store that lets you view your current billing cycle’s data usage, usage from past cycles and your shared usage if you’re in a family Mobile Share plan. The app also breaks down shared data by family member.


Photo: AT&T

Download the app and log in with your AT&T account credentials. On the Overview panel, you should see the Data section at the bottom with your usage bar so far. Tap this to expand details.

In the details, you’ll get a pie chart of Shared Data usage plus that usage broken down for individual members of the family (if that applies to you.)


Photo: AT&T

It’s a good idea to check the app periodically throughout the billing cycle. This way you can feel out how your data usage spreads during the month and keep an eye out when you get too close to your cap. Tethering/personal hotspot is one way to get there very quickly. AT&T should send you text and/or email alerts when your data usage starts getting close to the limit anyway.

If you ever have any questions about data usage with AT&T, you can always start a chat online with customer service or call the help line at 800–331–0500.

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