AT&T Unlimited Elite Free Upgrade Includes No Throttling, 40GB Hotspot Allowance, 4K HBO Max

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 12 Jul 2021

AT&T has announced some exciting updates to its Unlimited Elite plan. Starting today, subscribers to AT&T’s premium plan will get increased hotspot allowance, no throttling based on usage, and an HBO Max subscription on 4K over cellular.

Previously AT&T used to throttle hotspot data after 30GB. Now the limit has been increased to 40GB. Furthermore, AT&T used to throttle data after 100GB of usage on the primary device. With the new update, the high-speed data will not be throttled based on usage. The company uses multiple methods to decide whether or not to throttle bandwidth. Apart from data usage, it also depends on Network congestion or trying to download a large file via Torrent.

Starting this week, your unlimited high-speed data can’t slow down based on how much you use. But we’re not stopping there in giving our customers more. With many continuing to connect remotely, we’re also increasing the mobile hotspot data allowance and upping the video resolution to 4K Ultra High Definition. And we’re automatically adding it all at no cost to you.

The Unlimited Elite customers will automatically be moved to the upgraded plan. They will receive an update as soon as the benefit has been added. As mentioned earlier, now you can watch HBO Max at the highest 4K resolution. The 4K resolution with 5G speeds will translate into an excellent streaming experience. Most importantly, AT&T is offering all the benefits at no extra cost to you.

International Day Pass

International Roaming is often expensive as it offers a limited data quota. AT&T has introduced International Day Pass that gives you unlimited high-speed data, call, and text at $10 for an entire day. Furthermore, you can add a line and pay 50% for the same period. In other words, subscribers can use their phones on International roaming without racking up huge bills.

[via AT&T]